Be “A Consonant and A Vowel” Altogether

1. Dionysius Thrax calls consonants “sýmphōna” (σύμφωνον – singural)it means “pronounced with” because they can only be pronounced with a vowel. In Latin, it’s called cōnsonāns. It means sounding-together“. So, to be a consonant is to be a person who lives with, and, for The Others. Without The Others, we are nothing. With The Others we can be pronounced.
2. At the same time, we also need to be a vowel. The word “vowel comes from the Latin word “vocalis“, meaning “speaking“. In most languages words and thus speech are not possible without vowels. Be a vowel, it means to be a person who always try to complete The Others’ Life. Be a vowel, be “An Important Other”. Not be an enemy, but be a friend that always help The Others to speak The Love.
3. Finally, “Consonants and Vowels” live together and “The Sound” is beautiful.

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